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Facebook Signs Deal To Acquire VR Game Developer BigBox VR, Team To Join Oculus Studios


Virtual reality video games are very popular. Social media giant Facebook is aiming to expand its footprints in the VR game. The company has acquired BigBox VR. It is a video game developer based in Seattle. BigBox VR is known for developing the hugely popular battle royale game Population: One. The game has been a runaway hit. It stormed onto the VR scene just after the launch. It was launched in October last year. The game has managed to consistently rank one. It is one of the top-performing titles on the Oculus platform. The game brings 24 players together to connect and play in a virtual world.

BigBox VR will join Oculus Studios. It is a subsidiary of Facebook. The studio produces virtual reality headsets and drives VR adoption with high-quality games. Facebook didn’t disclose the amount it paid to acquire BigBox VR. BigBox VR has nimble minds from the gaming industry. The team will work at Oculus Studios. The team is popular for the quality and duality of games and also for data-driven service. Top Facebook executive Mike Verdu said that the company will invest in BigBox VR to make it grow. Verdu promised to accelerate BigBox VR’s vision for POPULATION: ONE. The executive also vowed to offer all supports to pursue future projects to enhance the gaming experience.

BigBox team will get access to the resources of Oculus Studios. Facebook said that it is exploring opportunities to accelerate virtual reality video games. The company said that it will make investments in hardware, third-party content, and more. It is usual for a gaming hardware platform to develop its own studio. But things are different when it comes to the VR world. Facebook wants to become the leader by cementing its position in the industry. The pandemic saw a big moment for the VR game industry. It gave a reason to people to stay indoors. Facebook had earlier acquired Beat Games. The company is popular for developing the virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber.