Oscars 2019

Now George Clooney And Many Other Stars Have Protests Again Oscars Decision Of Shortening Awards


A few days ago the academy awards made a shocking revelation that it won’t give some awards to some few categories nominated people during its live broadcast instead the winners will get awards during commercial breaks. The categories which academic has decided to cut from its show is an award for best cinematography, film editing, makeup, and designing. Now some renowned actors and actress are joining the list of a protester who thinks removing such categories from academy awards is the worst thing. Now recently George Clooney has signed the letter which has been written to academy awards relating to this issue.

The official letter mentions that removing category like cinematography from academy awards is nothing but an insult to all those who work hard in their profession. When academy released that they’re not going to give awards to winners of category mentioned above, then many movie fans showed their rage on social media. Now the letter which has been written to the academy has openly said that they shall reconsider their decision since not giving awards to those who deserve it not a good thing. Academy committee thinks that to reduce the length of live awards show they have decided to cut some categories.

However, this decision might be useful for academy and advertisers but many film celebrities are against it, and that’s why the letter which has been written as a form of protest has been signed George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, and many other renowned stars. It seems like this year’s Oscars are not going to be that much easy because a few days Oscars received lots of criticism for giving black panther a superhero movie tons of nominations. However, it will be interesting to see what the Oscars committee is going to do about this ongoing protest.