Instagram Mistakenly Releases Tap-to-Advance Feature to the Users


The Instagram accidentally introduced a feature that allows the users to swipe through the posts as they could do with the stories. The company accidentally rolled the feature to all of the Android smartphones this morning, and the feature has been removed. The company announced that a weird bug caused this issue and rolled the update by itself. From the morning, many users whose smartphones are having the Auto-Update apps saw the feature after opening the Instagram application. The users reported that they were greeted by the new Horizontal swipe feature or the Tap-to-Advance feature for the swiping through the posts.

The company spokesperson told to the online media that due to the bug, the horizontal swipe feature was released globally, which should be released to the small bunch of testers. The company has taken immediate steps to fix the problem and released another update that fixed the problem within a few hours. Previously, many online reports claimed that the company is testing out the horizontal posts navigation feature with a small bunch of testers. Now with this accidental release, the claims are proved.

Just like the users can swipe horizontally through the stories, with this feature they can swipe through the posts. The tap-to-advance feature allows the users to scroll horizontally and see all the posts in their feed. If the user swipes vertically, he/she can read the comments on that particular post. After accidental rollout, many users shared their responses on the twitter. Many claimed that the feature is annoying and not comfortable to use at all. Fortunately, the company didn’t give the users enough time to complain more and removed the feature with immediate effects. We don’t know the exact date of the Tap-to-Advance feature, but after this blunder, the company will take more time for the official global rollout of this feature.