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Samsung’s All New Galaxy S9 is Arriving with a Slimmer and Faster Wireless Charger

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News popping in from everywhere about the new Samsung Galaxy S9, and it reveals that the Galaxy S9 will be capable of charging wirelessly that too at a faster rate than not only Samsung’s predecessor handsets like S8 but also another rival brand of Samsung like Apple’s iPhone-X, the company claims. Samsung is programmed to unleash the first flagship of the company of 2018-the Galaxy S9 series, in Barcelona, on 25th of February. Reports are also out now that the smart handset will also accompany a new accessory as well.

Official PDF document of the Samsung that contains the details of the wireless EP-N5100 charger that has got leaked online, disclosing that the new model will be helping the Samsung Galaxy S9 to look for more traction not only among all the fans of Samsung but also newer probable consumers. There’s a collection of delightful images in the document displaying the EP-N5100 with great eminence. Besides this, the features in the S9 have a better upgrade than all its predecessors.

As per the image on the document the EP-N5100 proposes 9 volts at a 2 amps, which means it, will be delivering a power of 18 watts per unit time that’s 3watts more than the latest model. In terms of layman, the series of Galaxy S9 will be eligible of charging faster than any device ever before. Samsung’s greatest competitor the iPhone-X by Apple doesn’t support charging more than 7.5 watts, this much to after they had the upgrade to the iOS 11.2 back in December 2017. Before that it was only 5 watts.

This enhancement is worth a fact of appreciation, since wireless chargers aren’t that much fast compared to charging via USB-port, and this is exactly why people are not prone towards buying various wireless charging accessories, But it seems that Samsung will able to keep up with its promise for wireless chargers and attract people to get their hands on the new Galaxy S9.

This latest news also augurs well for all the Samsung fans, as there will be something to feel enthusiastic about the new battery feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 series.