Coronavirus Effect

More Than 93000 New Coronavirus Cases Found Among Children In Last Two Weeks


Even though many people are taking it casually about coronavirus, the daily cases in the country are increasing at a rapid rate. A recent report from the health department states more than 93000 children have tested positive for coronavirus. A recent report submitted by American Institute of Paediatric shows nearly 1 lakh children found to be diagnosed with coronavirus. Out of 5 million coronavirus cases found in the country, 338000 are children. Now, this new data gives a different perspective on the whole situation because the school authorities are thinking of reopening the schools. The health official sends basic kits to the family members of school students. However, New York schools are planning to reopen during the fall with some new rules about social distancing.

Still, the idea of this reopening of school is vague because so many new coronavirus cases are arising in the country. School authorities are trying to think from a different perspective about how students should go to school even during a pandemic situation. They are saying the education of children shouldn’t be stopped since they can make adjustments in operating. Coronavirus cases are still increasing since the number of tests in the USA are also high. The government is trying to give more importance to reopening the economy by stating how running an economy is still important while fighting the dangerous virus.

School authorities are currently holding a meeting with parents and trying to get their response to the current situation. They want to know whether parents would want to continue online teaching or reopening of the schools more preferable. More than 13000 schools are still struggling with how to deal with the coronavirus situation in the country. Health authorities are still sceptical about the reopening of schools since the lives of students will be at stake.