Fake Meat

Fake Meat Happens to be the Main Reason Behind Missouri’s Fight Regarding Food


A new law of Missouri has surfaced, which suggests that one should call anything like meat that does not come out from the poultry or livestock. The law of the state, which has come into effect from Tuesday, puts a ban on food companies from getting all those products marketed that do not get derived from either poultry or livestock as meat. Those who dare to violate the law could receive a fine of close to $1000 and spend at least up to a year in jail.

The law is applicable to even substitutes of meat, which are soy-based, meat based on some plants that have gained popularity in an increasing manner in recent times. There is also something called clean meat, which gets produced by growing as well as by getting cells multiplied in a laboratory and is almost certain to hit the consumer market in near future.

This new measure set to be implemented is drawing criticism from quite a number of organizations, which include the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, the Good Food Institute, the Animal Legal Defence Fund and the company that is involved in the production of Tofurky. Right after this law was passed, these groups had immediately filed a case in federal court by saying that the State Law is attempting to put a check on the growth of grocery market dealing with plant-based meat.

The Executive Director of the Animal Legal Defence Fund, Stephen Wells said through a statement that an increasing number of consumers are making conscious efforts towards trying to get animals out of their plates, the State of Missouri is putting their stamp of authority to provide benefit to the meat industry in an unfair manner, hence silence those who are into the business of producing alternatives for poultry meat.

On the other hand, for Missouri Cattlemen’s Association that had supported the bill, the issue is about getting products marketed with integrity. The association has already said on their website that they would stand their ground for all those meat alternatives that are plant-based to get them marketed as something which they are actually not.