Vitamin D Healing Burn Injury

Got Burn Injury? Take Vitamin D Supplements and Feel the Changes!


Almost 90 percent people suffer from burn injury once in a life. People often want to boost their healing process to get rid of the injuries. In a study, it is revealed that you can boost up your recovery level by taking Vitamin D supplements. The researchers found that Vitamin D plays a vital role in healing burn injuries and taking Vitamin D supplements is quite simple and certainly a cost-effective treatment. The findings suggest that Vitamin D contains anti-bacterial actions that are known to help combat infection and this is how it aids in wound healing. In spite of the advanced technology and improvements in the burn care department over the ten years, several burn patients are still stuck at a poor recovery stage. Complications involve late wound healing due to infections and generally, patients who suffer from a severe burn injury are at the high-risk of infection that definitely leads to life-threatening sepsis.

In order to find out the exact role of a group of fat-soluble secosteroids called Vitamin D in healing the burn wounds, Dr. Khaled Al-Tarrah and Professor Janet Lord from the Institute of Inflammation & Aging in Birmingham, over one year, keenly observed and investigated the recovery process in burn patients and correlated it with their levels of Vitamin D. The study unveiled an astonishing fact that burn patients with higher level of Vitamin D had a better prognosis with boosted wound healing process and faced fewer complications and scarring than those burn patients who had lower level of Vitamin D.

The data proposed in the study hints that Vitamin D supplementation has potent health profits to the burn patients that includes better antimicrobial activity to stop the infection, and boost wound healing.

According to the Professor Janet Lord, Chief burn injury harshly decreases Vitamin D levels and adding it back to the burn patient is a simple and cost-effect and safe way to heal their wounds with minimal cost to NHS. The efficiency of an important Vitamin, Vitamin D supplementation to get better results in burn patients would require being verified in clinical trials. Professor Lord is now focusing on the question that why there is a huge loss of Vitamin D in patients with burn injuries and they are hoping to prevent this in future with their research and upcoming true facts.

The amount of drop in burn patients’ vitamin D levels was not connected to the brutality of the burn; therefore levels may also be reduced in negligible burn injuries.

Low level of Vitamin D was linked to worse results in burn patients which involve life-threatening infections, delayed wound healing and mortality. It was also related to worse scarring but most of the times Vitamin D level is overlooked by clinicians, told Professor Lord.

The study on Vitamin D in burn patients was presented at the Society for Endocrinology annual conference in Harrogate.