4K Projector by LG

First Ever 4K Projector by LG that’s Capable of Transmitting 150-inch Image onto Your Wall


LG isn’t holding back from revealing its luxurious living room gadgets until the CES this 2018. The high-end gadget is an HDR 4K projector. LG claims that this new UHD projector is approximately half the size of the competing 4K options available on the market these days, many of which are highly expensive, heavy, and has difficult installation process as the company says.

By contrast the HU80KA is being timbered as “an affordable” but a premium device at the same time that’s capable of delivering a 150-inch output picture display in any room’s wall within the house. LG further says and the displayed picture can get tremendously bright as well, LG states in topping out at 2,500 lumens that makes the brightest projector of the company yet and put that in par with what’s out there on the market lately.

Apart from the 4k resolution, one also gets support of the HDR videos on top of that with HDR10, though, sadly, no mention of Dolby is there. The projector can be hooked to the top of the wall, placed on the floor, or even can be hung from the ceiling, whichever way one prefers, and it will still work perfectly fine in all of those setups, says the company.

The projector has two built-in 7-watt speakers, but preferably one may still feel like adding a soundbar to it. The audio output options include HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical. The projector will be playing any media via a USB drive, and also lets hook up with any external mouse or keyboard.

Just like the LG TV’s lineup the projector runs on the WebOS, and thus it’s got some of the major big streaming apps added out of the box. Talking about the price, LG still didn’t wish to share the pricing of the HU80KA. Well companies always show up the flashy things before making a hole out of your pocket, but may be at the CES price can come out along side home theatre announcements. For instance, some of the budgeted 4K projectors come under almost $2,000 and that’s not any cheap.