11th Child Dies Due to Adenovirus Outbreak At New Jersey Facility


Health officials have officially said that due to the adenovirus outbreak 11th patient has died at a care facility in New Jersey. The state gave official information regarding this matter yesterday and they said that severely ill child who has died was infected with adenovirus and there has been treatment going on him. But due to the low immune system, he was not giving any positive responses to the medicines and finally on Thursday night the 11th patient died due to this dangerous virus at a care facility in New Jersey. According to the department’s report, there are already 34 children who have got infected with adenovirus, and all of these children became ill from September 26 and November 12.

Most of the children’s who got infected by adenovirus had a low immune system, and that’s according to the department’s official statement, but many people are opposing this care facility of New Jersey because according to them the care facility’s did not take proper care of infected children but departments refused to accept that. However, some few workers from the department spoke regarding this matter, and according to them there’s a shortage of staff at the care facility, and that’s the reason there are very less amount of people working there who can tael good care of already ill children.

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While answering some questions regarding this matter state commission said that it was not possible to move those little children who had already infected with adenovirus to another care facility since that could’ve been more dangerous to their health. Even if the care facility is not taking this matter seriously, this type of issue raises more concerns toward the care facilities operations and state health department will have to implement more strict norms to regulate these facility centers.