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Social Distance Of Six Feet Might Not Be Sufficient To Guard Against COVID19


Some of the researchers have come up with a study, which says a social distance of 6 feet might not be adequate to protect against coronavirus. The new research has been conducted by the scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They have voiced their concern saying that current guidelines of social distancing might not be safe for people. This report says that factors like ventilation, crowd dimension, exposure time, and usage of face covers need to be examined carefully. Experts from Oxford University as well have joined in to come up with the new analysis. Since the beginning of this global pandemic, general guidelines have been to maintain at least 6 feet of social distance to keep the infection at bay.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been saying that COVID19 transmits mainly through close contact. However, the new report has said that social distancing can only be seen as one part of the wider approach to contain the virus. This study has been published in the Journal BMJ. The co-author of the study Lydia Bourouiba has said that by maintaining 6 feet of social distancing, we cannot limit the spread of the disease rather we should have a wider perspective to contain COVID19. The author has categorically said that we need to differentiate between high risk and low-risk exposure.

The study claim that coronavirus can pass through more than 6 feet by coughing and shouting. Experts have said that in high-risk conditions like indoors with poor ventilation, large crowds, no mask, prolonger contact time, people need to maintain more than 6 feet of social distance. For places with low-risk circumstances such as outdoor with few people, a social distancing of 6 feet should be enough. The study shows that 6 feet of social distancing should be followed indoors as well. According to the new report, people have taken 6 feet of social distance as a dividing line between risky zone and a safe zone. A professor of Civil and Environment Engineering at Virginia tech Linsey Marr, who has been studying the spread of the virus through aerosol transmission, has a different approach too. He has said that even if people are staying indoors, they need to wear masks and maintain a social distance of 6 feet from each other.