Global Economic Growth

Most of The Global CEOs Are Pessimists About The Global Economic Growth


When it comes to large companies the one person who takes the responsibility of managing the entire company, then it’s CEO, because a chief executive officer of any company would have to go through a tough situation and they know exactly how the business is going on. According to a recent survey done by the PwC with the help of world economic forum, they asked more than 1300 world class companies CEOs about the current state of global economy and what do they think about it. Surprisingly more than 30 percent said they believe the global economy might decline in the next 12 months which is a concerning thing for the whole world. There are various issues like trade war, Brexit and climate change which are beyond the control power of CEOs is affecting on their businesses, and that’s why most of them are pessimists about the global economy.

There are many issues which are making the world-class companies CEOs worried about the future, but the major one is the trade war issues which president Trump has started with China. Many believe this is the only reason why they’re so much skeptical about the US and global economy since this dispute is getting much more severe. In this survey, one of the most shocking thing which was discovered was that many North American based companies CEOs are pessimists about the country’s economy and the optimism percentage has fallen from 63 percent in last year to 37 this year.

Currently, the global economy is in danger because of the unsafe geo political condition since many countries are putting a plot of pressure son big companies in the form of new norms and rules. However, this situation needs to be changed since it might take many big companies down.