States Are Sharing Information Of Coronavirus Patients With Police, Fire Fighting Departments


The condition of the coronavirus outbreak is getting quite tense every day since many people are getting infected and dying because of it. A recent report shows that many states share information about positive coronavirus patients with police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. The reason behind sharing this information is to let police officers know of avoiding coronavirus infected areas. Since knowing where the infection is spread wide, police officers can take appropriate action and inform health departments also if any emergency arises. However, the state government officials said no private information would be shared with the police since it would invite many other problems.

Some think letting know police about coronavirus patients is going to increase the cases of discrimination against black and Hispanic communities. State and local health departments are sharing the information of those patients who have tested, and they are doing it under the provisions of the required law. States are taking every required step to make sure police officers and other government authorities workers are safe from the infected people.

More than 35 states are sharing the information of patients with other government departments. This list includes New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire. When government departments are receiving calls for help, they are providing it after recording information about it. This information would later be helpful for those who are noninfected and have to deal with infected people.

Responders are strictly required to give help to those people who are positive at first considering it as an emergency. Information about immigrant people moving is also collected and shared among the department, which will help them to avoid contact with infected people. Even though some are criticizing it for some reason, others are finding it useful during deadly situations.