Amazon New Security Drone Camera

Amazon Unveils New Security Drone Camera, New Ring Device For Cars


Amazon has unveiled a series of new security products during its annual Alexa event. The new announcement clearly hints that the company is looking to expand its line of cameras to your home and your car. The e-commerce giant has announced Ring Car Cam, Ring Car Alarm, and Ring Always Home Cam. The new products bring security to your car’s dashboard with the help of USD 200 Car Cam and USD 60 Car Alarm. The operational procedure is similar to other auto dongles. The alarm is plugged into the car’s OBD-II port and it delivers alert to your smartphone if there’s a break-in, bumps, tows, and more.

Users can receive an alert to the Ring app when there is some suspicious activity. They can then decide whether to trigger the alarm. The alarm can be linked to other devices like lights and cameras. They will start recording or turn on when an event is triggered. Also, Car Cam is new on the list of the Ring family. It works both when parked and on the road. The cam comes with Emergency Crash Assist that asks for help from the first responder in case of a serious crash. There is also an option of Traffic Stop. This allows drivers to request Alexa to start recording when he or is pulled over.

When the car is parked, the intelligent sensors of the Cam monitor for attempted break-ins and alert the user by sending an alarm of Ring app. The record timing of the camera is yet not known when the car is not running. There is no clarity about the cost of streaming video over LTE when there is no connectivity with the Wi-Fi network. There is also Amazon’s very futuristic Ring Always Home Cam. It is a mini autonomous drone that takes care of your home when are away. Ring Always Home Cam syncs with the Ring Alarm to fly automatically in a set path to record what is happening.