Apple Changes Its Face Mask Emoji To A Smiling Emoji With Face Mask


Tech giant Apple has rolled out a change in its face mask emoji. The change is visible in iOS 14.2 version. The mask emoji was available before the release of the version. But the change that has gained attention is related to its look. Apple has changed its mask emoji to a smiling emoji. The smile is hidden behind the mask. Those using the previous version will get to see the mask emoji that is not happy. It appears sad and gives an impression of tiredness. But the new one is smiling and creates an impression of positive energy. With the latest update, Apple wants to send a message that people can still be happy with a mask on the face during the time of the pandemic.

Apple has replaced the downturned eyes. Besides, it has added eyebrows. The new emoji has cheeks blushing. The latest emoji by Apple can be sent to others using the updated iOS version. It will show the changes. But those having non-Apple handsets may not see the new changes. They will see a regular sad mask emoji. Several emojis are in talks this year. The year 2020 has been not so far motivational because of the coronavirus outbreak. The year has been a period of massive devastation. The tech companies have been working to introduce emojis to let people express themselves and generate positive vibes.

Apple didn’t publicly comment on the latest changes it brought. The Cupertino-based iPhone maker quietly rolled out the update to its ‘face with mask’ emoji. Meanwhile, Apple’s rival and Korean giant Samsung has also introduced its own version of a similar emoji. The happy face mask emoji is available on Samsung Experience 9.0 UI version. The emoji earlier used to be the sad face mask. But the company brought the necessary changes to make it appear friendlier. Notably, the face mask emoji was added to Samsung phones way back in 2013. Google is also likely to launch a similar smiling face mask emoji on the Android platform.