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Google Turns Off Selfie Retouching In Pixel Smartphones By Default


Google has announced to turn off the selfie retouching option in its new handsets. The company said that the option will be turned off by default. The feature will not be available in the new Pixel phones. The option was available in the camera app of Pixel smartphones. Google said that it will update the phones soon to relabel the retouching options. The company will provide the users with detail on how it is applied and it affects the photo. It said that the new design principles will be available within the camera app. Users can get this with the Pixel 4a, the new Pixel 4a, and Pixel 5. Pixel 4a is a 5G smartphone.

Google in a blog post noted that the beauty filters adversely affect the mental health of users. It said that when users are not aware that a filter has been applied, the results in the photos can negatively impact their mental health. Google didn’t speak anything about whether the older Pixel smartphones will receive the update. The company said that it has recommended to turn off all filters and retouching by default. This is the first time when Google has turned off the selfie retouching option. Google said that people want both in photos — accuracy and a good look. It said that selfie-takers will now get an experience of unfiltered photos directly.

Google said that it consulted mental health experts all over the world before taking the decision. The new design principles in the new Pixel handsets will offer a value-free and descriptive icon. Besides, it will have labels to face retouching options. When users select the face retouching effects, they will be provided with information regarding settings and what changes it will make to photos. According to Google, over 70 percent of pictures captured on an Android-run device use the front camera. It said that approximately 24 billion images stored in Google Photos have been labeled as selfies.