Apple is Hiring Qualcomm Engineers

Apple is Hiring Qualcomm Engineers While fighting with them for Patent and Trade Secret Disputes


While the Qualcomm is busy fighting with the Apple over Modem patent issues, the later is luring the employees of the Qualcomm and recruiting them. The Apple and Qualcomm, one time partners, are fighting over the Modem Patent issues in the US Courts are seeking other options to take the fight in their favor. Apple has started luring the Engineers from Qualcomm by providing them job opportunities and better salary packages. The move was unexpected from the company as they never followed the same technique before.

According to the reports, Apple is pursuing the Chip engineers from the Home Office of Qualcomm and providing them with the new jobs and titles in the company. The Apple is reportedly working on making next-generation processors by themselves after the spat with Qualcomm, who was their supplier of the processor chips for iPhones. The Apple’s own chip family, which is A11 and A12 bionic are known to provide some strong performance, and the development of the same is going in the forward direction. Although, the company is already outsourcing a lot of their network chips and processor chips from the other companies after the patent and trade secret issues with the Qualcomm.

There are some rumours that the entire project of the chip design, network chips design and the software development for the same is happening in the satellite hub near the Cupertino headquarters of the company, the engineers that Apple is hiring from the Qualcomm, and other big companies are employed to work on the Neural Engine, AI and Machine Learning for the latest series of their processors. Also, the company is working on the advance communication and network chips, which will be used in the new iPhone, iPad and Macbook devices. One of the most significant developments Apple is doing with the network chips is the development of the 5G modems for the upcoming cellular revolution.