OnePlus 5T

Full-Screen Display & Smaller Bezels?? That’s What The Leaked OnePlus 5T Image Suggests


Every time a phone is launched, there are leaked images and rumors about its looks and features. Well, this time it is about OnePlus 5T. The Google Pixel 2XL was not even cool; a new phone has got the market turned on. There have been many speculations and rumors about the new OnePlus 5T. The device is slated for a late November release like the older OnePlus 3T which was released in 2016.

Though users will have to wait another month for the OnePlus 5T, they can have some fun watching the leaked pictures online. A leaked image had appeared online giving exclusive look at the new smartphone. Though the image doesn’t give a full look at the phone, yet there is enough to have an idea what the device would eventually look like. The image doesn’t show the entire phone but users can have some idea of the display, bezels, and frame.

The image suggests that there will not be any front-facing fingerprint sensor below the display. The front-facing fingerprint sensor is the standard feature on previous OnePlus smartphones. The reason behind this could be the larger feature display. The device is expected to have a 6.0-inch 2,160 x 1,080 resolution display. The screen aspect ratio is 18:9 aspect ratios. This is a step ahead from the OnePlus 5. The earlier device had a 5.5-inch 1080p 16:9 display. So the user can be ready for a larger display.

Apart from the display are the smaller bezels or plastic material. This enhances the look of the phone. The aluminum frame is visible with a bottom-firing speaker located on the left side. Not to anyone’s surprise, 5T will have the framework as the OnePlus 5 but with a few upgrades. The upgrades are likely to be in terms of display and battery life.