OnePlus 7

Leaked Images Suggests OnePlus 7 to Come with Notchless Design


Everyone knows that the new smartphone from OnePlUs is coming this year very soon. We had no information earlier but just the speculations. Now, we do have a leaked image of the OnePlus 7 device, which reveals shocking details. The new device from OnePlus will come with the Notchless display, surprising revelation as the OnePlus 6 and 6T had the notch design that many people didn’t like. As this is a leaked image, we should use them as a reference with a pinch of salt.

The Chinese company is releasing this smartphone with the 5-G modems, which will be the first one if Samsung’s Galaxy S10 devices do not have the 5-G modems in them. We cannot spot the 5-G modems in the leaked image, but we can spot the notchless design and also the edge-to-edge display. The almost bezel-less display looks very impressive due to the increased saturation and edge-to-edge design. The first image was pretty clear, but this time, an Italian blog has shared this second image which shows us more details about the design and the display.

We cannot spot more details from a single image, but what can we spot the new software in it. The device will have the new Oxygen OS firmware inbuilt. With the sleek design and new icons, we can see that the new interface has been integrated into the device. Another exciting thing that the device do not have the front-facing selfie camera anywhere. According to the first image, it will be in the slide-out mechanism at the top, integrated to avoid the notch design. With this upcoming smartphone, OnePlus is following the recent trend of bezel-less and notchless design from fellow Chinese brands.