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YouTube Decides To Private Public Dislike Counts On All Videos To Cut Harassment Of Creators


Popular video-sharing platform YouTube has announced to hide the public dislike counts. The company said that it will make the dislike count private. The decision will apply to all videos across the platform. It means that people will no longer be able to see dislike numbers. Creators, however, the company said that will be able to see the dislike counts in YouTube Studio. The decision may affect the public’s visibility into the reception of videos. YouTube believes that the latest change is in the interest of creators. It said that the move will protect creators from unwanted criticism. It will keep a check on harassment and cut the dislike threat. It also noted that in some circumstances people team up to increase the dislike counts of videos.

The company in a statement said that the dislike button is only being made private and going away. The button will remain a part of the content. YouTube mentioned that it will allow creators to exactly find the dislike counts on their videos in YouTube Studio. They can also access other existing metrics for their content. These metrics are aimed at making creators aware of the performance of their videos on the platform. Even though the dislike button has been made private, viewers will get an option to dislike videos. They can also share feedback and views with creators. However, these recommendations will be private. The company added that a few groups use the button of public dislike count to influence viewers.

YouTube said that the aim is to create a friendly and respectful environment for all. Creators will feel safe and get ample opportunity to express them. The company noted that hiding the public dislike counts is just a step that it is taking to safeguard the creators from harassment and abuse. YouTube further said that it is also rolling out a redesignated ‘New to you’ tab. It will ease the steps for exploring more interesting content. Viewers can discover new creators and fresh content that usually are not a part of common recommendations on the page. YouTube shows usual recommendations to users on the home feed. With the help of the new tab, creators can expand their reach to new audiences.