Samsung’s SpaceSelfie Satellite Balloon Makes Crash Landing in Michigan


Nancy Welke of Meril from Michigan heard thumping noise from her front yard when Samsung’s SpaceSelfie Satellite balloon made a soft but crash landing. The pseudo satellite or the balloon satellite made the crash landing early morning. Nancy Welke immediately called 911 after spotting the satellite crashed in her front yard and posted a photo on Facebook. Welke uploaded a video on her facebook profile and shared a glimpse of the fallen pseudo satellite from Samsung in her front yard. After getting the distress call, 911 responded immediately, and the help was sent to the address where the SpaceSelfie spacecraft from Samsung crashed. Thankfully, the satellite made it safely on the tree and did not injure anyone.

The Psuedo satellite assembly contained the four-legged module, which was wrapped in Aluminum foil, Two cameras, and one Samsung smartphone. The Psuedo satellite was launched by Samsung Europe. The company wanted the people to relay their selfies to the atmosphere using the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. The satellite would receive the selfie and edit them with the atmosphere in the background. The satellite was launched with the Balloon attached to it.

A Technology company named Raven Industries had the project of launching and managing the satellite. When Police and Fire brigade responded to the 911 call, the appropriate authorities at Raven Industries were called to pick up the Psuedo satellite. According to the company, the satellite was launched on Friday from Iowa. While recovering the satellite, the workers had to cut off the electricity supply of the neighborhood to remove the balloon remnants from the powerline. The region had to suffer the power cut for nearly two hours. After this incident, Samsung Europe published an official statement. According to the statement, the natural conditions forced the Balloon and satellite to perform the early soft landing.