Microsoft Plans To Reopen Headquarters From March 29, Full Reopening By July


Tech giant Microsoft has shared a detailed plan for reopening its headquarters. The company has announced to reopen Redmond headquarters from March 29. Redmond is Microsoft’s headquarters based in Washington. It has also planned to reopen nearby campuses in the coming days. The company said that Redmond and other campuses will reopen in a phased manner. The company will try reopening offices fully by July. Exactly a year ago, Microsoft had announced a policy to allow employees to work remotely in view of the pandemic. Microsoft said that it is following Covid-19 guidelines as it plans to reopen offices globally. All preparations are in place to reopen the headquarters.

The company has announced a hybrid strategy to reopen the workplace. The six-stage hybrid workplace will be adopted to reopen Redmond. All six stages are in accordance with the government guidelines. While the first three Stages strictly bar employees to return to offices, the remaining three talk about on-site work. Microsoft said that it will promote a hybrid work culture even if offices begin operations in full force. The company statement said that the management was closely monitoring the local health data. The decision to reopen the headquarters was taken after a detailed analysis. The management said that the campus can safely allow workers to return.

Microsoft said that some employees in the US have been already working on site. Under the new model, the company will allow Redmond employees to choose if they want to return or continue to work remotely. Those willing to work remotely full time will have to request approval from their managers. Microsoft is the biggest personal-computer software provider in the world. It has work sites in 21 countries. The company claims to employ more than 160,000 people worldwide. Microsoft was one of the first tech companies to allow its employees to work remotely as pandemic struck the world. Other tech giants including Apple, Google, and Facebook too adopted a policy to allow employees to work from home.