Nokia Settles Long-Standing Patent Battle With Computer Titan Lenovo


Nokia and Lenovo have ended all ongoing patent litigation across all jurisdictions. The agreement involved the Chinese PC maker paying an undisclosed amount to the smartphone maker. Both the companies have refused to share the financial details of the agreement. The agreement has put to rest all pending patent litigations. When asked to comment on the agreement, a Nokia spokesperson refused to disclose any detail. The legal battle started in 2019 and was spanned across four continents. The finish company had first sued the largest PC maker over the alleged infringement of around 20 video coding patents. The cash injection from the agreement will add buoyancy to the balance sheet of Nokia.

The Finish company had filed cases against Lenovo in countries like Brazil, the United States, Germany, and India. In 2020, Nokia had a major win when a German court gave a ruling in its favor. The court ordered an injunction against the Chinese company. It also ordered the banning of the products of the company using the technology of Nokia. But the order stayed later on appeal from the PC maker. Nokia said that it spend Euro 123 billion on research and development. The company said it has almost 20,000 patents. Out of this, around 3,500 are related to 5G networks.

Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, said the company is delighted to have an agreement with Lenovo. “The agreement is a reflection of decades of hard work by the company. We would like to appreciate Lenovo for bringing the constructive spirit to the negotiation table. We respect the PC maker for this. We look forward to work together. Nokia will bring more innovations for looks forward to work with Lenovo users.” John Mulgrew, chief intellectual property officer of Lenovo, said the move will pave way for future collaborations. However, Nokia is no stranger to patent rows. Earlier it had started legal proceedings against Apple. The legal action started in 2016 and ended last year.