Apple Is getting Ahead Of Google In Terms Of Providing Required Update To Smartphone OS


When Apple released iOs 13, many people thought it might not be able to capture that much market and people will stick to the old ones. However, that did not happen because according to new reports released by Apple, it shows that more than 55 per cent of the total iPhones which were launched last year has been updated to iOs 13. Google hasn’t updated android dashboard since May 2019, so as of now, we don’t have official numbers from Google. However, it’s almost sure that Android 10 hasn’t achieved the success which iOs 13 did.

Even though it’s too early still Google might not be able to cross that 55 per cent benchmark of updating android smartphones into Android 10. Google has always issued updates for fixing bugs, problems, but the user interface has never actually that much has changed. In new iOs, Apple tried to give some useful new features to the users, and it seems like people already love it. Getting more than fifty per cent of iPhones under the latest updated version of iOs is not an easy thing to do. Even though comparing the success of iOs to Android is not a suitable thing, but it still shows that Apple is good at maintaining its smaller system.

Apple has always demonstrated its control over the iPhones by releasing new iOs updates at required times. Apple doesn’t have to convince its manufacturers when it comes to new iOs because users of iPhones get the update automatically. However, for Google, they have to reach out to each manufacturer whenever they release a new Android update, and according to that, manufacturers change UI and other necessary things. Apple, on the other hand, is enjoying the current update to iOs, which has reached to its significant user base already.